Australia and a sleeping koala

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy these days looking for work both within my field and out of my field, and it’s not easy. Creative outlets like photography take me away from all the drama of real life. As I said I would update my blog regularly, I’ve posted some other photos that I took a while back, in this post.

I won’t be back writing on this blog until about a month, because I’m getting a new camera. After the month, I’ll regularly post my photography (and other creative ideas and topics) on this blog, so you guys can check it out and give me your suggestions and ideas on how I can improve.

All these photos were taken in Australia, and they are the originals and have not been edited. I hope you enjoy this post! The sleeping koala is the very last picture. There is a saying or belief that once a koala eats enough eucalyptus leaves, he falls asleep. It probably isn’t true though. Sad face. But I know that they do like sleeping a lot!

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my blog. Thank you so much!

Cherry blossom:


Wattle, a floral emblem of Australia:


Botanical garden:




And finally a sleeping koala in a eucalyptus tree: